Who am I?

I am a woman in my mid-twenties who LOVES to travel! But I have the time, money and means to only be able to afford short trips. Still.….I’ll take it!

But why travel?

Because there is so much about the world I don’t know. Because experience is the best way to learn. Because learning exposes you to new worlds.

Why start a Blog?

With a full-time job and barely 15 days off a year, it can get hard to evolve into a globe trotter overnight. I absolutely can’t do an extended month-long stay and explore one place at a time currently. Fast paced small trips are my solution to keep doing what I want to do within a reasonable period of time. The key to a successful short trip is good planning, always! There are simply not enough days to ‘wing it’. 

I have realized that I spend a lot of time researching places before I visit them. I review several websites and blogs for weeks before I make my itinerary. I want to consolidate all that work into something that someone else can use! A blog is also an excellent and fun way to document all my experiences and store them for life.