Iceland – Tips, Tricks and Budgeting!

Here’s a list of all the tips and tricks that I had to use during my trip to Iceland!

Drinking Water
Tap water in Iceland is purified drinking water. There is no need to buy bottled water from grocery stores, they just sell you the free tap water!

Food/ Groceries
Food in Iceland is extremely expensive. A cheaper alternative is to get some basic groceries – bread, peanut butter / jelly, yogurt, croissants, protein bars, fruits, etc and use them as meals.

Pick up some alcohol at the airport!! It’s cheap and you can buy these small bottles of wine (~2 glasses) for smaller portions. Alcohol in the country can get pretty $$. A happy hour half-off basic lager can cost $7 on an average. Half-off! And if you are driving the ring road and staying at random farms and guest houses like me, there are no bars or pubs to go grab that beer or glass of wine at.

Sleep Masks
If you are traveling anytime between early May to late Sept, carry sleep masks with you! Rays of bright sunlight entering your room at 10 PM or 5 AM can get pretty annoying, especially if you’re a light sleeper like me. Also, jackets.

Water Proof Clothes
And waterproof shoes, preferably covering the ankles. In my 8 days there, I experienced rain almost every day, even if it was for a brief period. Can’t have that stop the touring though! Also, when I visited the waterfalls or did the glacier hike, they were extremely helpful.

Time Estimation
The biggest lesson I learned from Day 1 is that always add 1-2 hours to your time estimation for the day. This solely accounts for all the time you stop at a non-destination just to take pictures. It was SO HARD to not keep stopping every 15-20 mins to take pictures! Everything I saw was so beautiful, I wanted to just keep taking pictures. I tried to exercise self-control for the most part, but there were some moments of weakness that kept putting me behind schedule.

Stopping on the Ring Road
If you see something picture worthy, there is no need to pull up on the side of the road. There are plenty of stopping points all along the Golden Circle and Ring Road, a lot of them are equipped with information boards and / or picnic tables. So just wait till you see the designated area to pull over. In fact, the Parking Spots will almost always have a better vantage point for the same view!

‘Natural’ Wonders
The Langjokull Ice Cave is open all year around, but please note, this is man-made cave and not a naturally occurring one and is a very different experience all-together.
Myvatn nature baths are man-made too! It’s supposed to be a beautiful and relaxing spot, but if geothermal is what you’re looking for, Blue Lagoon it is!
This doesn’t mean that either of these places are not unique or not worth visiting!


Aaaannnd….that’s pretty much a wrap on the Iceland series! Hope my posts were useful to at least ONE person out there!

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