Places to stay in Iceland – Tried and Tested

The key to a good vacation is getting a good night’s sleep and recharge for the next day! Here is a quick rundown of how and where I did my bookings.

Where to book?

1. Hostel World: I love Hostel World. It’s reliable, has a really good compilation of places and is very convenient to use. I do all my hostel bookings here.

2. Another really good website. lists out all the farms and guesthouses around Iceland and has an extensive collection of choices.

3. Hhonors / Marriott / SPG: Directly with the hotel you have point on. These hotels mostly only have properties in Reykavik and the surrounding area.



Booking Website: Hhonors Website
Name and Location: Hilton Nordica, Reykavik, 10 mins from downtown
Cost and Duration of Stay: ~$280/night. I used my Hilton Honors points to get a hotel room here for 2 nights.


Very comfortable hotel and courteous staff
Bar has a happy hour 4-8 PM! Half off on beer and some cocktails!

On the more expensive side if not using hotel points
Downtown is a 10 min drive, or a slightly long walk

Conclusion: As comfortable and lovely as the hotel was, I would not have booked here if I didn’t have the points. If you’re not interested in budget travel, I would definitely recommend this place!

My room at Hilton Hotel – Nordica


Booking Website:
Name and Location: Hof 1 Hotel, Hof
Cost and Duration of Stay: $192 / night for 1 night

Amazing location. A good stopping point when touring Southern Iceland. 15-20 min from Vatnajokull National Park’s Skaftafell parking.
It’s more of a guesthouse than a hotel, located at the base of a hill and has a pretty dope view.
After hours self-check-in

None really.

It was a comfortable and convenient  experience.  I can’t really say that the hotel is on the more expensive side, because that’s the case with this area in general. I think I might have been able to find something cheaper if I had booked sooner and I booked almost 2 months in advance.

View from my room at Hof 1 Hotel.



Booking Website:
Name and Location: Setberg Guesthouse, Hofn 

Cost and Duration of Stay: $69 / night for 1 night

Quaint little farm house with sheep and a waterfall in the backyard
The location and host were great! Loved my experience here.
The owner mentioned there were a couple geothermal baths pretty close to the area for an evening soak.

Bathrooms are shared with other boarders. But I did not have any problem getting my time to use it.
Nearest store is about a 10 min drive, if I remember correctly. I had my supplies replenished so I was good to go. Not really a con tbh, more like a heads up

Loved my experience here. Definitely recommending this one!



Booking Website:
Name and Location: Dimmuborgir Guesthouse, Lake Myvatn
Cost and Duration of Stay: $162 / night for 1 night

I got a little 1 bed room with the Lake Myvatn view. Absolutely loved the location and the whole experience was very comfortable.

A little expensive when compared to other options in the area. But being on the shore of the lake has some additional costs associated.

Loved my experience here. If additional costs is not an issue, then this is definitely a big recommendation!



Booking Website: Hostel World
Name and Location: Akureyri Backpackers, Akyureyri
Cost and Duration of Stay: $40 / night for 1 night

Really nice hotel staff, very helpful and friendly.
Great central location with a really cool bar and a restaurant in the hostel. There are several other places for food, drinks and supplies a short walk away as well.
The rooms and bathrooms were comfortable and standardized.

Nothing to write here tbh. I’ve lived in hostels before and this one was pretty standard and well-maintained.

Great price and a comfortable stay. I would recommend this place!

Booking Website:
Hostel World
Name and Location: KEX Hostel, Reykavik
Cost and Duration of Stay: $70 / night for 2 nights

Female only dorms available for solo female travelers like me.
There is a restaurant and bar in the lobby. Loved the bar there, really cool vibe!

Bad lighting in the bathrooms, I could barely see half the time. Also, the bathrooms were not very clean and some didn’t even have shower curtains around the stalls. Not sure if that’s common in Europe, it was just something I wasn’t expecting.
The rooms got really warm at night even with the heater turned off and there was no way to cool down. Opening the windows is an option, but that just got too noisy from people at the bar.

This place has a really good rating on Hostel World, and after staying in all the previous places that had a relatively lower rating, this was a bit of a disappointment. All in all, I did not enjoy my experience here. I would love to come here just to chill in the bar but I would not recommend staying here.

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