An evening in Reykavik

Day 7, Friday

My last day in Iceland! How did this come so soon? It feels like the 7 days went by in a blur!

On my last day, I decided to go big and then go home, so I went on the Into the Volcano tour. This is the only tour in the world that takes civilians into a dormant volcano. It cost $375 (a deviation from my budget travel mantra, sorry!) and the whole experience took about 4 hours. It involves a total of a 6 KM hike (roundtrip), a short climb and a total adventure! I have a whole separate post on the experience here.



After the tour, I got dropped off at downtown Reykavik and decided to do the Harpa tour at the very last minute. The name is Harpa is supposed to be a modification of the word ‘Harp’, fitting for a music hall. It’s a 45 min walking tour of the Harpa concert hall and a brief lesson on its history and significance to the locals. The architecture is beautiful and our guide gave us a small demo of its acoustics (she’s a full-time opera singer!) and it sounded stunning. I wish I had time to go to a concert here!







Downtown Reykavik is full of bars and restaurants. Of course food everywhere in Iceland is crazy expensive, but my last day deserved a nice meal and some beer. There’s an app that tells you the names and happy hour times of all the bars near by. At $10 a lager, the happy hour are very necessary!


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  1. Sean says:

    A city worth visiting? Looks different from many cities in Europe. Berlin/Prague/Amsterdam/etc starting to feel a bit similar…


    1. Thank you for reading!
      Reykavik is a really small city. There’s not enough in the city to fill a whole itinerary! It’s worth the stop if you’re planning on seeing more of Iceland but I wouldn’t fly there just to see the city.


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