Ring Road Diaries – Western Iceland

Horses and Long Drives

Day 6, Thursday

Driving back to Reykavik! I couldn’t believe I was almost at the last leg of my ring road drive and was mostly on schedule. I went through all kinds of weather, from rain and cloud at Husavik, wind at Hjalteyri to clear skies at the Western part, in this one day.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, my Whale Watching tour got pushed to from the previous day to this morning, so the day started off with the tour. It was around 1, by the time I was done with the tour at Hjalteyri and it was time to start heading south.



Just like Eastern Iceland, there’s not much to write about this part tbh. Just a lot of good views and stops. There are a bunch of fishing villages that come up on this side of the country as well. I stopped at a random couple of them to grab a bite or a coffee. The view changed drastically every hour, so if the pictures look totally inconsistent and out of sync, it’s because that’s how the weather was!



The clouds looked like alien space ships when the sun was out!


I saw a LOT of Icelandic horses on the way. Apparently, they’re one of the purest breeds in the world. That’s because of the lack of introduction of other breeds to the Icelandic horse population. They’re gorgeous, and just float around with their beautiful mane flying in the wind – like they’re all modeling for some horse shampoo. This brown one in the picture below reminded me of ‘Little Sebastian’ from ‘Parks and Rec’.




Once I finally got back to Reykavik, which was pretty late in the day, I checked into the KEX hostel and called it a night as I had an early morning next day. As famous as KEX is, for $70 a night, I’m sure I could have found something better. I did the ‘Inside the volcano’ tour the next morning, my last day in Iceland. Here’s more on that in a separate blog post! 

And that completes my Ring Road journey! For more information on navigating the Ring Road, click here to start from the beginning!


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