Eskifjörður – The Fishing Village

Eskifjörður is the perfect example of a quiet, peaceful and scenic Icelandic fishing village. I can’t imagine living there! Waking up every morning to that view, wow! But I think that’s pretty much most of Iceland.



I ended up picking Eskifjörður because there was an audio tour on the SmartGuide app. I figured if I wanted to stop at one of the villages I might as well stop somewhere I would know what to do and where to go instead of awkwardly hanging around. It’s a short walking tour, takes about 45 minutes (unless you stop at the Maritime museum), a great way to stretch my legs before the second half of the journey. The tour briefly walks through the history and workings of the charming village with some small anecdotal stories and a recommendation to visit the Maritime museum. The museum closes around 4 PM every day, so I missed it by like 5-10 mins.



The statue was built in the memory of drowned sailors


The whole town is extremely well-maintained. There are a few maritime inspired art installations around the town that indicate that this fishing town caters to tourist, possibly more than others. Even if that were true, the streets were pretty empty and I was the only tourist I saw during my hour there. There was also a supermarket on the walking tour route where I re-filled my provisions.

Mural at the fish processing plant




Here’s more on my road trip around the Icelandic Ring Road!

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